Best Ideas for Your Summer Trip

Did you already start to plan your summer trip? We have the perfect ideas for a young adventure for you and your friends. An adventure where you don’t need to worry about under 21 car rental and you can just hit the road in search of new experiences!

European summer paradise

If you plan to have a one lifetime adventure this summer you can take a Euro-trip and visit the most iconic places. Whether you’re looking for a cultural trip or just a summer, lazy vacation, you can find the right place on the old continent.

Places to visit in Europe

1. Plan a cultural trip to Western Europe. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Wien are some of the capitals of the world that must be visited at least one time during one’s lifetime. The amount of history and culture encompassed by these magical places is amazing. These are, for sure, a good choice for a European summer trip that will enrich your knowledge and help you connect with great works of art of this world.

2. Scandinavian summer. Though most of the locals prefer to spend their vacations in more warm countries, we believe that Scandinavia can help you experience a great summer vacation. It’s especially suitable for people who don’t feel comfortable in high temperatures. Here you can find amazing natural landscapes that will take your breath away while experiencing a moderate, refreshing summer.

3. Mediterranean coastal trip. For those who enjoy the sea and love water sports, a summer close to the Mediterranean sea might be a perfect choice. Start in the North of Spain and follow the coast all the way to the south of Italy. You can learn about the Spanish and Italian cultures, experience amazing local cuisine, and end the trip with a stop in the magnificent Puglia region.

4. The Baltic experience. If you like chilling on the beach but still don’t want to burn your skin under the southern sun, you can always go North and take a summer vacation on the Baltic Sea. Apart from the great landscapes, you can find here a fine blend of old Slavic and Baltic cultures, with delicious dishes and beautiful traditions.

5. Escape in the Balkans. The famous and beautiful Balkan countries can leave you and your friend’s great memories. Here you can find whatever you want: great landscapes, warm summers close to the Mediterranean or Black sea and the best food, all at a ridiculously low price! The countries in South-Eastern Europe are known for their affordable prices which enable tourists to have great experiences!

6. Greek Paradise. Saving the best for last – Greece is definitely the best place to spend your summer vacation. Great weather, astonishing beaches and landscapes, and amazing parties are all blended with the local charm and hospitality characteristic for the Greek people.

Advantages of travelling in Europe

No matter what European destinations you chose, Europe will for sure not to disappoint you! It’s one of the best places where you can mix pleasure and learning while travelling. Nevertheless, in most countries in Europe, the legal age is 18 years old, meaning that it’s a lot easier to find under 21 car rentals, and also hang out in pubs and have drinks with your friends!