Legendary Vehicles You Should Know

Throughout the history of the automobile, hundreds of brands have appeared, many have disappeared, and few of them have created their legacy, with consecrated cars and that have entered the memory of the people, becoming great classics. Check out below which are the most famous cars of all time and discover the reason for their importance.

1. DeLorean DMC-12 (USA)

DeLorean was a sales flop, but it has become the epic of moviegoers and science fiction fans for its role as the time machine of the famous trilogy Back to the Future .

Perhaps the same feature that made him a movie star has made him a failure in the stores: his extremely futuristic design. Besides its poor performance and its high price, of course.

2. Aston Martin DB5 (UK)

An elegant, luxury-packed, comfortable car with a powerful engine that takes it from 0 to 100 ㎞ / h in 8.4 seconds. Not for nothing, it was chosen to be the car of the character James Bond , the most famous British spy of the cinemas, in 007 Contra Goldfinger .

3. Ferrari F-40 (Italy)

The F-40 is the Ferrari with the face of the 1980s. Last designed under the supervision of Enzo Ferrari, its design was based on the competition cars, leading a large V8 engine in the rear.

However, the model was designed for walking on the streets and became known as the world’s fastest series-produced car at its time, reaching 324 ㎞ / h.

4. Porsche 911 (Germany)

Produced to date in upgraded versions that reach impressive levels of performance and refresh the supersport market, the Porsche 911 is one of the most recognizable cars of all time because its design and concept have not changed much since it was launched, there are more than 50 years.

5. Bugatti Veyron (France)

The Veyron could not be left out of this list: it is the series-produced car, designed to ride on normal, fastest roads and streets of all time, reaching the mark of 431 ㎞ / h. Luxurious and comfortable, was elected as the car of the decade (2001 to 2009) by the British Top Gear program .

In many countries for a car to be considered exotic car hire, it must be at least 30 years old , but there are cars that do not reach that age and are considered full-fledged classic cars. To consider a classic car, you must give certain factors such as the mentioned age, or, and just to put a couple of examples, have been a resounding success of sales or have influenced the market in some way. The fact of being sporting or limited editions is also an important point in favor of a car being considered classic.

At this point, and due to our fondness for cars, we thought it appropriate to make a selection, the typical ‘Top 5’, with classic cars that we like the most . We have focused on the decade of the 80s, bordering those 30 years ‘legal’ and certainly, if you love cars like us, one of the members of this list will be present in your car garage for the memory.

Why You Should Prepare For The Journey

In our daily lives, we always plan everything, but if it’s about travel, most people ignore it means they have not done the right planning. Most travelers are usually the chosen destination, choose the means of transport to access and make a reservation. But all this is not enough for travelers, and that is why they feel tired when they visit any destination. If we saw good travelers, we discovered that they were always happy because they always plan their embassy in the right way, that they only enjoy travel and make vacations more intelligent. If you plan to travel using use a rental car, it will not always fail, but it will always give you the best moments to survive. Therefore, to make vacations smarter and more enjoyable, it is essential to plan the best travel life.

Considering the weather conditions

If you are visiting hot destinations, there may not be any planning to visit that destination. But we saw that this traveler who goes to an attractive destination like San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more was not ideally planned. Therefore, whenever it is necessary to go anywhere for planning, whether the destination is hot or not. To make the perfect design for the traveler, there are five ways in which each traveler should follow.

The 5 best ways to plan the right trip

1. First, choose the dates and time to visit any destination and then book the rate that suits your budget for air travel, train, bus and your comfort.
2. Before going to any destination, your cheap hotels are saved to avoid rushing, and these hotels offer discounted home facilities. For hotel reservations, offer some of the best websites that will offer all these services.
3. After making the reservation, take a guided tour guide, reservations and locations to see where you have been in the destinations you want. Plan with these guide maps and plan your destination day by day, selecting first the most famous attractions and visited by tourists.
4. After entering your destination and logging into the hotel, never forget to dedicate some time to the Visitor Center, and most visitors ignore it. From the visitor center, this is accurate information about the main destinations that visitors should visit and the activities that can be enjoyed.
5. Always save less luggage if you travel by train or bus, except for special convenience. In your bags, do not forget to include a first aid box and wear clothes according to the weather of that destination and other essentials, such as some snacks, water bottles and others.


Along with these many things that are under planning, these five things are necessary for all travelers to go to any destination. This is because travelling these days as a vacationer is the only and last option for everyone to enjoy life and get colorful moments. If a visitor continues these five things while travelling, his trip will be more successful than the other and he will not feel tired because everything is planned to visit anyone.

Best Ideas for Your Summer Trip

Did you already start to plan your summer trip? We have the perfect ideas for a young adventure for you and your friends. An adventure where you don’t need to worry about under 21 car rental and you can just hit the road in search of new experiences!

European summer paradise

If you plan to have a one lifetime adventure this summer you can take a Euro-trip and visit the most iconic places. Whether you’re looking for a cultural trip or just a summer, lazy vacation, you can find the right place on the old continent.

Places to visit in Europe

1. Plan a cultural trip to Western Europe. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Wien are some of the capitals of the world that must be visited at least one time during one’s lifetime. The amount of history and culture encompassed by these magical places is amazing. These are, for sure, a good choice for a European summer trip that will enrich your knowledge and help you connect with great works of art of this world.

2. Scandinavian summer. Though most of the locals prefer to spend their vacations in more warm countries, we believe that Scandinavia can help you experience a great summer vacation. It’s especially suitable for people who don’t feel comfortable in high temperatures. Here you can find amazing natural landscapes that will take your breath away while experiencing a moderate, refreshing summer.

3. Mediterranean coastal trip. For those who enjoy the sea and love water sports, a summer close to the Mediterranean sea might be a perfect choice. Start in the North of Spain and follow the coast all the way to the south of Italy. You can learn about the Spanish and Italian cultures, experience amazing local cuisine, and end the trip with a stop in the magnificent Puglia region.

4. The Baltic experience. If you like chilling on the beach but still don’t want to burn your skin under the southern sun, you can always go North and take a summer vacation on the Baltic Sea. Apart from the great landscapes, you can find here a fine blend of old Slavic and Baltic cultures, with delicious dishes and beautiful traditions.

5. Escape in the Balkans. The famous and beautiful Balkan countries can leave you and your friend’s great memories. Here you can find whatever you want: great landscapes, warm summers close to the Mediterranean or Black sea and the best food, all at a ridiculously low price! The countries in South-Eastern Europe are known for their affordable prices which enable tourists to have great experiences!

6. Greek Paradise. Saving the best for last – Greece is definitely the best place to spend your summer vacation. Great weather, astonishing beaches and landscapes, and amazing parties are all blended with the local charm and hospitality characteristic for the Greek people.

Advantages of travelling in Europe

No matter what European destinations you chose, Europe will for sure not to disappoint you! It’s one of the best places where you can mix pleasure and learning while travelling. Nevertheless, in most countries in Europe, the legal age is 18 years old, meaning that it’s a lot easier to find under 21 car rentals, and also hang out in pubs and have drinks with your friends!

Importance Of Making Travels While You’re Young

There are many benefits to traveling when young. In fact, when you mention traveling with anyone and notice how completely new behavior approaches them. People love things that make them feel young and happy, and travels are usually at the top of the list. The underage car rental will make your travel effective and efficient:

Provides education outside of books

Traveling is not only relaxation, but learning through experience. Traveling is what books can describe only a Traveler who discovers that there are many ways of thinking and more than one solution to the problem. Traveling teaches you that not everyone shares your beliefs and that other ways of doing things can work just as well.

It relieves stress

The journey is necessary for our survival. Spontaneity and excitement with travels allow you to have minor disappointments in the right place. The physical and mental rejuvenation that accompanies the journey allows you to return to daily life with the energy and patience necessary to fulfill all your duties. Spend your money on the trip and prevent accumulation of stress, which will force you to throw money into the doctor’s office.

Traveling makes it easier to make friends

If in your city you will stick to the same group of people connected by a circle of friendship, perhaps you should travel more often. The trip turned out to be one of the best ways to make friends and create bonds. In the end you are strangers, but because of your mutual interest in seeing the world you are also connected with them.

Travel makes you a better storyteller

You can not get it now, but when you have children or grandchildren, you will get. Those who travel young have more opportunities to experience everything that is to travel. In many of the countries you visited and go to, this is a story to tell. Traveling gives you things for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you travel, it will never be difficult to come up with a topic for conversation; not to mention that you will keep everyone in your history.

The journey gives a feeling of adventure

When traveling, you can have as much fun as you want without worrying about what others say about you. You do not have colleagues or parents who warn you and judge that you are young, wild and free. Life is an adventure and the journey allows you to experience it.

The journey teaches you compassion

In addition to photos, souvenirs and travel memories for life, it also leads you in a real situation and teaches you how to care for other people, sometimes not of your kind.

Traveling allows you to be culturally diversified

If you think that traveling is just a walk and a miracle of wonders that exist in all countries, then you are right. But there is something more important than the day teaches us to be culturally diversified. Whenever we travel, it is important to follow the local rules of the destination for which you are traveling.

The above are some of the major reasons why you should travel when you are young. You get to learn a lot of new things and also acquire knowledge from outside books. Consider using the underage car rental services when moving to various destinations.

5 Best Places to Visit in Baltimore during Winter

Enjoy your winter Baltimore vacation with Enterprise BWI phone number!

Baltimore is the largest city located in Maryland and the largest independent city in the US. Baltimore also houses the most monuments and public statues in the country. Not only that, Baltimore was also the resident place of many famous artist. Including one of the most famed writer, Edgar Allan Poe.

With a lot of historic places and districts, Baltimore has a lot a tourist destinations to offer to vacationers. But during winter, the best places to go are the unique museums that are found in it. And this can be fully enjoyed with a car rent.

In this article, we will provide you with 5 best places to visit to enjoy your winter Baltimore experience
together with the best car rental to accompany you.

  1. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Your Baltimore winter vacation will never be complete without going to Edgar Allan Poe’s House and Museum. Poe’s home was preserved excellently and looks exactly as how Poe lived in it. Exhibits are available that tells the life and death of Poe in Baltimore, and also displays some of his significant collections such as his portable writing desk and chair, china and glass ware, and telescope.

Before visiting this place, make sure to check the schedule since the exhibits and tours change constantly. Also, there are no restroom available in the House and Museum, but there are facilities nearby that offer them.

  1. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

B&O Railroad Museum exhibits the historic railroad, trains and equipment in Baltimore. It has been labeled as one of the most noteworthy assembly of railroad treasures and artifacts in the world.

B&O Railroad Museum offers a lot of activities such as viewing of the historic and fascinating engines, railroad equipment, and other exhibits, and a special amenity just for kids. This includes the Choo Choo Blue, Kids Zone, Toddler Time and Train Carousel.

  1. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

This entertainment museum exhibits a wide array of pop culture items, such as movie posters, toys, cereal boxes, trading card, toys, figurines and many more.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is a must see for pop-culture rats. The museum is divided into several categories such as A Story in Four Colors, Pioneer Spirit: Baltimore Heroes, Extra, Extra: 1776-1927, Revolution: 1961-1970 and many more.

  1. Baltimore Museum of Industry

This is a museum that acknowledges and showcases the work of innovators, workers, and entrepreneurs that helped push forward the industrial age of Baltimore and beyond.

Several different industry leaders are exhibited here, from clothes making to video game design. Vacationers are sure to discover a lot about Baltimore’s manufacturing era growth.

  1. American Visionary Art Museum

AVAM is a museum that houses and preserves outsider arts. Its history is an interesting one, as the city provided land to the museum in the condition that the organizers of the museum would spearhead the cleaning of residual pollution from a whiskey warehouse and copper paint factory.

With a lot of different arts in store, AVAM is a must go place for art enthusiasts, and curious minds alike.

Payless Car Rental BWI – The Best Car Rental You Can Get

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